Intentionally Enjoying Beer

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.”  – attributed to Ben Franklin but apparently mistakenly. In the supposed source for the quotation he is actually talking about wine (his drink of choice). Now, this is Internet research so who knows, maybe at some point he did say something similar about beer. If he didn’t say it, he should have. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Let us not quarrel over history and merchandizing, let us instead appreciate our cups. Mostly confident Since launching Coffee, Books and Beer, I second-guessed my choice of “beer” many, many… Read more

Strong, Stubborn or Stupid: Why I finish(ed)

It is the smallest of cracks that send us careening ofttimes. My third GoRuck Challenge, this one in Munich, was going so very well. The welcome party was welcoming to my favorite brand of fun, the weather was perfect, I was enjoying connecting with comrades new and old as well as rousing renditions of Sponge Bob Squarepants (great wrap video of the entire event). It was good livin’ at its best. Until it wasn’t. It was mid-afternoon and I was carrying the flag. We were simply doing a “shuffle” up a sidewalk. I noticed the water egress cover but stayed… Read more

Lovely Little Lichtenstein

It was all fairly last minute. The weather was supposed to be bad in my first intended location to kick off my break-between-semesters tour. A leaving-student-friend said “hey, why don’t we hang for a day in Frankfurt before I fly?” Europass whispering sweet nothings in my ear I said, “Ok, I’m IN!” Florence to Frankfurt… with a day to burn… where to go? To Google maps of course. Spiraling outward I weighed options… Milan for a day? Zurich? Venice finally? Lichtenstein? Stras– Wait what? I was familiar with the smallness of Luxembourg but besides a movie reference I wasn’t sure I… Read more

Love Your Local

I love the idea of having a pub. My “local.” A casual, comfortable, decent-brew serving place where maybe even a few people, yes, know your name. The German tradition. The Irish tradition. Where people gather, drink (but not to too excess) and enjoy each other. Just so we are clear: I’m not a girl who just likes boys who like beer… I like beer. I like boys too but that it is a different blog post. I can tell countless stories of the Ex ordering a gin and tonic, me a stout, and 9 times out of 10 they would… Read more

To -er is Human

I pushed myself hard. 2 hours at the gym and even thowing-up in my mouth a little on a trainer bike. I was pushing because I hadn’t moved my body like that in 2 days. Pushing because I had eaten poorly for the last 3. Pushing because I felt I needed to punish myself for sins that only I see in myself. As I was blowdrying my hair — well just the bangs — and still sweating a little after sauna and shower, when a woman came up behind me and said “I want your figure.” Over the sound of… Read more

Traveling to Terezin

My knowledge of history is lacking in big places. Facts and dates, names of places even, sift through my sieve brain. When it came to World War II and the holocaust – the “final solution” – I was notably deficient in perspective. With a few days back in Prague, I signed up for a tour of Terezin. The Nazi “gift of a town” it was a neighborhood turned ghetto-concentration-camp-holding-pen of disease, death and misery… and art. Lasting Testaments

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