Best Gelato in Florence

If you are going to indulge for Fat Girl Friday or Because-it-is-a-vacation-day-that-ends-in-y Day, you want to make sure those calories are worth it right? After spending the last 10 months living in fair Firenze, I have a pretty good handle on the gelato situation (even with my semi-vegan ways). For those uninitiated, gelato is like ice cream but creamier and something something with the fat and air content and stuff. All you really need to know is it is delicious when done right. I will say that just like food in general and travel food in particular, there is no… Read more

Running Around the World

I started running 13 years ago and found that one of my favorite things about it was the fact I could easily do it alone. I’ve always liked the 30-60 minutes of guaranteed solo time 5 to 6 days a week that my training allows. I sweat through the various issues and dilemmas of the day, often coming back from a run with a different perspective, or perhaps a creative breakthrough. The idea of joining a runner’s group has never really appealed to me, running has never been about having a sense of “community”. My feelings haven’t much changed in… Read more

Not Wasting Time

How much of your day is spent waiting? Sitting or standing while staring off into space, merely watching one thought flow into the next… waiting for something to happen. A few months back I decided to save myself about 40 Euro by giving myself a 6 hour layover in Belgium on my way to Dublin for a weekend. I spent about 20.50 Euro in the airport, meaning I saved myself 20 Euro for that 6 hours. Half of that was for food (a sorry sandwich, coffee and — a real treat — Snickers bar) and the other half for Internet… Read more

Winding Down the Whisky Trail in Scotland

  “The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude” – James Joyce   I’ve turned a few heads at cocktail parties or just saddling up to a local bar when I order a whisky neat. You can almost see it in their eyes – don’t you want a pinot grigio, or maybe a cosmopolitan? I started drinking whisky a few years ago when I was trying not to blow my calorie budget on a few strong IPAs or mango margaritas. I like to drink socially, but I hate the idea of taking in liquid calories…. Read more

Start with the Ending

Today’s Workout Wednesday is pretty simple. It comes down to one question: What are you working towards? If you cannot answer this simple question, then you are pretty much sunk when it comes to your fitness. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from getting up off the couch right now and going for a nice 5mile walk. Do. But chances are you aren’t going to keep doing that unless you have a specific reason to.. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or deep into it, you need to have benchmarks and goals for your workouts or else you… Read more

At Home in Mazatlan

Have you ever visited a place so often it starts to feel like home? I find myself heading back to countries I’ve already been to so I can start to feel like a local while still discovering new parts of the country.   Last summer, I decided I wanted to spend my 30th birthday in one of my favorite countries to visit, Mexico. I had been to Mexico for my two previous birthdays and I wanted to continue the tradition at least one more year. I have often thought about spending a month or more down there, soaking in the… Read more

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