Give and Take


OK Ladies, it is the perfect storm: Valentines Day meets a Friday.

I am going to leave my rants on consumerism and the destruction of a good idea by commercialization for another day. Instead I will focus on the good. Choice is awesome like that. If you have a special someone, I hope you enjoy each other today. And tomorrow. And the day after that. If you don’t have a “someone” to shower with affection, I hope you shower yourself with it and maybe just pay it forward a little to a few random strangers.

One thing you cannot over-indulge on is loving.IMG_5993

A friend said to me this morning “I just use this day as a reminder and opportunity to be a little nicer to other people.” I love that idea.

Smile more. Hold a door for someone. Genuinely ask about that stranger’s day. Chat up your friendly bartender or waiter who has to work tonight instead of spending the night with his special friend. Spread the love. Spread compassion for members of your species. Or be equal opportunity and pet a kitten or spend time with your dog. Just give a gratitude by spreading joy.

Time is our most precious commodity. Spending time sharing more, showing love more, and spreading more companionship and compassion is lovely and loving.

However you spend tonight and with whom you choose to spend it — with friends, strangers, family, that special someone or alone — do it with the intent to expand the enjoyment of all. Not because it is a special day, but because it is a day.

Every day is precious.

I am off to intentionally enjoy beers solo and spread as many smiles as I can. How did you spend the day? How do you indulge in love?

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