Achievement: One Feminine Pullup

Yes I am a woman. Yes I can do a pullup. Strict. I can do three of them now — in a row. I can do one almost anytime I want. If this sounds like bragging then it is. It has taken 3 years of this being a “goal” before I made it a SMART goal and actually got it done. More important than my personal achievement is this… Women can do pullups. Period. But just in case that wasn’t clear: Women can do pull-ups. Women can indeed do chin ups. Females have the ability to get their chins over… Read more

Destinations for the Newbie Traveler

I have met several people over the last few years in the 25-30ish age range that have not traveled outside of the United States. There are various reasons for this: time and money being the ones most often cited. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since only 30% of Americans even have a passport…. I just didn’t think I would know that many of the other 70%. Having a parent who was born in Italy and an extended family who often traveled to and from the mother noodle, I grew up assuming most people spent time roaming around the world…. Read more


“Well behaved women rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich You have that friend that always seems to be able to coax you out of your PJs on a random Tuesday and into some unplanned, epic fun. You have that gal pal that knows that sometimes a bottle of vino a long chat in sweats is just the cure for what ails ya. You have your girls, the ones who can make dinner into a laugh fest and a night out into something fabulous. Having a solid travel buddy or 2 is important, sure, but more important perhaps is having your home team of… Read more

Social Sports for the GenX Soul

I am so sore today. Not from an 8 mile run I did on Sunday or the weight training I did on Monday morning but from playing back to back soccer games Monday night. I am in the NYC Social GenX Co-ed Soccer League. I joined a team, Sudden Death, last Fall after taking a few years off from social sports. I was never a fan of playing team sports when I was younger. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy softball or basketball, but playing made me so nervous and self-conscious, I feared I was never good enough. I didn’t… Read more

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