“Well behaved women rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

The Girls TouchedYou have that friend that always seems to be able to coax you out of your PJs on a random Tuesday and into some unplanned, epic fun. You have that gal pal that knows that sometimes a bottle of vino a long chat in sweats is just the cure for what ails ya. You have your girls, the ones who can make dinner into a laugh fest and a night out into something fabulous.

Having a solid travel buddy or 2 is important, sure, but more important perhaps is having your home team of pals — a strong bench of women with whom you can overindulge in simple pleasures like laughter and shared stories.

Let’s call this my ode to wingwomen.

Let’s Hear it for the Girls

IMG_6565With my penchant for barbells and beers, I might never be mistaken for a girl-girl… but I definitely appreciate my girls. I have even been known to enjoy a spa day — indulgence of indulgences — with a few women who I never thought I would be friends with 15 years later. There we were lounging by the pool after massages and trips into the sauna, comfortable in this surreal environment where no one and everyone belongs, and it occurs to me how important the women in my life are to me.

Near and far, my women friends are all badasses in their own way.

Classy, yes. But not “well-behaved.”

“My girls” are smart, witty, versatile, storied, strong and engaged with the world in exceptional ways. I am ever thankful to be in their company.

I am, of course, especially glad when we are sitting in a pub because she gave me the buddy-comfort to venture outside my comfort zone into some unknown location. Even at our neighborhood local though, she is the one to provide companionship, laughter, solace and smiles — with or without encouragement to chat up that tall-dark-handsome down the way. For all this I am eternally grateful.

So on this Friday I raise my glass to my wingwomen wherever they are. To you, my fabulous friends, thank you for being a part of my history — written and yet to be told.

And you fair reader? How do your wing-women encourage you to be you?

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