What we are about…

Life is the culmination of the choices we make.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Boundless.

Expect more from yourself, your job, your inner circle, your workouts, the food you eat, beer (or wine, or whisky…) you drink, books you read, media you consume. You don’t have to travel long distances to break out of your comfort-zone. Go with purpose. Open your mind to new adventures and your heart to new cultures.  Love your body by moving it – lift weights, run, jump, kick, punch, throw, swim, climb, carry, and cycle as your desire leads. Learn, expand, change, grow and share your knowledge.

You are never bound by others’ perceptions, only bound for greatness.

We will share our passions for life — our stories, struggles and triumphs — and hope they inspire you to live out loud – at high volume – to the tune that beats in your own being, waiting to break free.

About us…

Jen Bio PicJen’s passions run deep and wide — she has seen her favorite band 24 times, visited over 20 countries and tried over 30 kinds of meat; but her thirst for life has yet to be satiated. She pays for her adventures as a professional video editor, writer and cinematographer. In over a decade in television and film, she has worked with top networks including ABC, MTV, and NBC Universal and is the co-founder of Bawdy House Media, a creative boutique specializing in web video content. Business mixes with pleasure at Dive Travel TV, where she shoots both underwater and on land in exotic locales like the Mexican Riviera and The Cayman Islands. When not traveling for business, Jen earns her calories by chasing other challenges across the globe. While she might be trying to eat her way around the world, over ten years ago, she lost over 45 pounds to become a lean, mean, running, weight-lifting machine and to date has run marathons on two continents. You can follow the self-proclaimed beer snob on Untappd, where she logs most her carbonated carbs, and on Foodspotting.

ToughGalJo’s challenging wanderlust figment constantly whispers “go.” Currently an Academic Librarian and MSIT student in Florence, Italy, her sojourns to 20+ countries have taken her gratefully off the beaten track. For over 10 years she worked in television as a Production Manager and Editor in Florida and NYC before she took a “temporary” break from tv to play nanny to her niece. The discovery that she couldn’t run a flat mile was just one of the spurs to change this break afforded. From her first race through 10ks, triathlons, 13.1milers, double-centutry bike rides, and GORUCK Challenges she has traveled across the globe to tackle athletic obstacles — blogging about her adventures, musings, and “Be IN” advocations at coffeebooksbeer.com  She loves the community of athleticism and will wax nostalgic about “embracing the suck” as a team. When not wandering and wondering, Jo the Geek reads fiction, writes and social media manages for HackLibSchool, strikes yoga poses, codes sites, swings a mean kettlebell and searches for excellent coffee and vegan treats. She spends entirely too much time consuming interwebbed information, contributing to Untappd and Food Spotting… when she remembers to click to click before consuming.

 A Compilation of Adventures:


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