Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you like cruise vacations, all inclusive resorts, action movies, food courts and strip malls, then you do not want to come to Leon’s BBQ in Galveston, TX. You do not want to join the troubadour parade in Merida, Mexico and you do not want to stay with Margaret in Doolin, Ireland. Of course you can take whatever vacation appeals to you (just seriously, take one), escape in whatever movie plotline you want to watch and eat whatever cheat meal you’d like. But here at Being Unbound we stress moving outside of comfort zones and expecting more from your surroundings…. Read more

Give and Take

OK Ladies, it is the perfect storm: Valentines Day meets a Friday. I am going to leave my rants on consumerism and the destruction of a good idea by commercialization for another day. Instead I will focus on the good. Choice is awesome like that. If you have a special someone, I hope you enjoy each other today. And tomorrow. And the day after that. If you don’t have a “someone” to shower with affection, I hope you shower yourself with it and maybe just pay it forward a little to a few random strangers. One thing you cannot over-indulge… Read more

“No” Permission

There was a moment around December 22nd where I said, “I really just don’t want to go out and drink anymore.” Maybe it is a sign of getting older. I dearly hope it isn’t some idea of “maturity.” I just really, really had enough. Enough food. Enough people. Enough — dare I say it — beer. The good times were great, don’t get me wrong, but I had my fill. There is so much pressure to enjoy while the enjoyment is there to be had. Go out because you’re in the city. Hit this party and hang with those people… Read more

The Weaver

Once upon a time… Over the rim of his coffee cup he gazes again towards my feet  and says, “I am completely mesmerized by the fabric of your scarf.” I smile and look down to the pashmina loosely tied as usual thru the handle of my rucksack. “It has a story.” “I’m sure it does.” With ripples of pleasure that deepen my crows feet, I tell it. For this is what I do. This is what I love to do. I travel and collect stories. And sometimes I collect a physical thing which is like a beacon that points to the… Read more

The Event Cause Effect

At every event it seems that you will eventually hit a wall. It is that moment where your energy is at its lowest, your legs are yelling at you, that one toe really hurts, a muscle you didn’t know you had is cramping and/or your mind is just telling you that your body is done and you really can’t take another step. Then you look up and see a hill/obstacle/milemarker and realize how far you have yet to go. How do you push past the barriers? What makes you go on when the going is toughest? Digging deep on your own… Read more

From Doolin to Inis Mór

I went to Ireland for the first time in 2009. I had heard on NPR that the country was in the throws of an economic crisis and I thought to myself, that might mean cheap flights. It turns out I was right and managed to score a flight from NYC > DUB for $310 round-trip. I didn’t consider Ireland on the top of my travel list at that point, having been to very few countries, but I knew it was a good opportunity to see a new place without breaking the bank. Since I wasn’t well traveled at that point,… Read more

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