Banishing Food Labels

Fat Girl Friday allows us to heed the calls of our inner temptress, break out of our typical temperance, and indulge in the full range of flavors of life.  “Well that is just asinine.” It is about 2 weeks before my departure for Italy and the judgmental verbal slap comes from someone close to me. I have just said that (after 8 months of doing so in the states) I plan to stay fairly vegan while abroad. As I wrote on CBB when I started my veg*n journey: Food is profoundly personal. It is not my intention to get into diet choices… Read more

The Long Road to Positano

We all need a cheat day, it keeps us in balance. Fat Girl Friday celebrates the enjoyment great food and drink, without worrying about the calories. While on my seventh trip to Italy, I finally made it south of Naples to the beautiful town of Positano. The trip, with three of my friends, started with a train ride from Florence to Naples. We aimed to make sure it was no ordinary 2.5 hour train ride, but used the travel time to reconnect over wine and food. Yes, that’s right, we brought a bottle of wine on the train, and I… Read more

Intentionally Enjoying Beer

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.”  – attributed to Ben Franklin but apparently mistakenly. In the supposed source for the quotation he is actually talking about wine (his drink of choice). Now, this is Internet research so who knows, maybe at some point he did say something similar about beer. If he didn’t say it, he should have. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Let us not quarrel over history and merchandizing, let us instead appreciate our cups. Mostly confident Since launching Coffee, Books and Beer, I second-guessed my choice of “beer” many, many… Read more

Love Your Local

I love the idea of having a pub. My “local.” A casual, comfortable, decent-brew serving place where maybe even a few people, yes, know your name. The German tradition. The Irish tradition. Where people gather, drink (but not to too excess) and enjoy each other. Just so we are clear: I’m not a girl who just likes boys who like beer… I like beer. I like boys too but that it is a different blog post. I can tell countless stories of the Ex ordering a gin and tonic, me a stout, and 9 times out of 10 they would… Read more

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