For Love or Money: Is Traveling for Work Worth It?

After my first long trip abroad (Filmmaking, Food and Frescoes…) I remember returning to my day job and the daily grind and thinking I wish I had a job that paid me to travel. I daydreamed about all sorts of positions where they’d have to fly me here, there and everywhere. I thought about the frequent flyer miles I would rack up and putting nice dinners on the company card. I flirted with the idea of working for the travel industry. Could I be a flight attendant? Maybe I could work on a cruise ship? Unfortunately for me, my passion… Read more

Not Wasting Time

How much of your day is spent waiting? Sitting or standing while staring off into space, merely watching one thought flow into the next… waiting for something to happen. A few months back I decided to save myself about 40 Euro by giving myself a 6 hour layover in Belgium on my way to Dublin for a weekend. I spent about 20.50 Euro in the airport, meaning I saved myself 20 Euro for that 6 hours. Half of that was for food (a sorry sandwich, coffee and — a real treat — Snickers bar) and the other half for Internet… Read more

At Home in Mazatlan

Have you ever visited a place so often it starts to feel like home? I find myself heading back to countries I’ve already been to so I can start to feel like a local while still discovering new parts of the country.   Last summer, I decided I wanted to spend my 30th birthday in one of my favorite countries to visit, Mexico. I had been to Mexico for my two previous birthdays and I wanted to continue the tradition at least one more year. I have often thought about spending a month or more down there, soaking in the… Read more

Where should I go?

Travel Tuesday is where we talk of the long or short journeys that take us off the beaten track and outside our comfort zones. “Where do you think I should go?” I have gotten this question a lot over the last weeks as our crop of summer students try to make the most of their weekends abroad. When asked for a recommend for travel destination, I have just one answer: “Where do you want to go?” There is no “should” here. Just go. Somewhere. Anywhere. It will work out well. Go.

Filmmaking, Food, and Frescoes- Four Weeks in Orvieto

The day after my 21st birthday I left New York for a four-week trip to Italy. It was somewhat ironic to turn the legal drinking age in America and immediately leave for a country that uses wine to soothe a teething baby. I was in college and had signed up a summer semester in the mother noodle, as I now sometimes call it.  It was to be my second trip to Italy. I had made my first voyage to the old country with my mother, who was actually born in there. I worked very hard to make this trip happen,… Read more

Lovely Little Lichtenstein

It was all fairly last minute. The weather was supposed to be bad in my first intended location to kick off my break-between-semesters tour. A leaving-student-friend said “hey, why don’t we hang for a day in Frankfurt before I fly?” Europass whispering sweet nothings in my ear I said, “Ok, I’m IN!” Florence to Frankfurt… with a day to burn… where to go? To Google maps of course. Spiraling outward I weighed options… Milan for a day? Zurich? Venice finally? Lichtenstein? Stras– Wait what? I was familiar with the smallness of Luxembourg but besides a movie reference I wasn’t sure I… Read more

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