Destinations for the Newbie Traveler

I have met several people over the last few years in the 25-30ish age range that have not traveled outside of the United States. There are various reasons for this: time and money being the ones most often cited. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since only 30% of Americans even have a passport…. I just didn’t think I would know that many of the other 70%. Having a parent who was born in Italy and an extended family who often traveled to and from the mother noodle, I grew up assuming most people spent time roaming around the world…. Read more

Social Sports for the GenX Soul

I am so sore today. Not from an 8 mile run I did on Sunday or the weight training I did on Monday morning but from playing back to back soccer games Monday night. I am in the NYC Social GenX Co-ed Soccer League. I joined a team, Sudden Death, last Fall after taking a few years off from social sports. I was never a fan of playing team sports when I was younger. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy softball or basketball, but playing made me so nervous and self-conscious, I feared I was never good enough. I didn’t… Read more

Delicious Dumplings: Near and Far

Chinese dumplings have been a go-to cheap/delicious meal for me since I was a kid. My parents often took me to a restaurant in Brooklyn called China New Star, which has some of the biggest, most delicious fried pork dumplings I have ever tasted. I’d often eat the leftover dumplings, cold, right out of the refrigerator! When I started playing on a recreational soccer league in the lower east side a few years ago I got introduced to Vanessa’s Dumplings and it was definitely love at first bite. Five small but flavorful dumplings were just $1. It’s pretty easy to… Read more

Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you like cruise vacations, all inclusive resorts, action movies, food courts and strip malls, then you do not want to come to Leon’s BBQ in Galveston, TX. You do not want to join the troubadour parade in Merida, Mexico and you do not want to stay with Margaret in Doolin, Ireland. Of course you can take whatever vacation appeals to you (just seriously, take one), escape in whatever movie plotline you want to watch and eat whatever cheat meal you’d like. But here at Being Unbound we stress moving outside of comfort zones and expecting more from your surroundings…. Read more