Achievement: One Feminine Pullup

Yes I am a woman. Yes I can do a pullup. Strict. I can do three of them now — in a row. I can do one almost anytime I want. If this sounds like bragging then it is. It has taken 3 years of this being a “goal” before I made it a SMART goal and actually got it done. More important than my personal achievement is this… Women can do pullups. Period. But just in case that wasn’t clear: Women can do pull-ups. Women can indeed do chin ups. Females have the ability to get their chins over… Read more

Social Sports for the GenX Soul

I am so sore today. Not from an 8 mile run I did on Sunday or the weight training I did on Monday morning but from playing back to back soccer games Monday night. I am in the NYC Social GenX Co-ed Soccer League. I joined a team, Sudden Death, last Fall after taking a few years off from social sports. I was never a fan of playing team sports when I was younger. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy softball or basketball, but playing made me so nervous and self-conscious, I feared I was never good enough. I didn’t… Read more

Rest Days

If you ask my coach, I am the absolute last person on the planet to extoll the virtues of “rest” in an exercise program. He is constantly reminding me that a rest day means a rest day and yes that might even mean sitting on the couch all day eating potato chips and drinking beer and watching football. Despite my like of all those things — well maybe not potato chips but I can put a mean hurting on tortilla chips and guac — it is extremely difficult to imagine sloth and gluttony as beneficial to my training. I hate… Read more

Running Two Marathons in 30 Days

  I know your first question is not HOW did I run two marathons in 30 days but WHY did I run two marathons in 30 days. I understand your confusion, but chalk it up to my own Sicilian stubbornness. I was peer pressured to run the Charleston Marathon (January 17, 2014) by a friend. Athletic events are pretty much the only peer pressures I ever give into and she knew it was the perfect time to get me. I had been really bummed on November 3rd when it seemed like the world was running the NYC Marathon, but I… Read more

The Real Scale

Muscle is more dense than fat. I’m going to say that again for myself and all my ladies: Muscle is more dense than fat. What that means is that if you put on muscle and lose fat, the numbers on the scale are going to go up. And up. And up. Thank you to Sophie and this article for saying it first and saying a number of other important things like “Think of all the potential that is thrown out the window when women deprive themselves of food on their quest to be thin.” My struggle, and the struggle of… Read more

The Event Cause Effect

At every event it seems that you will eventually hit a wall. It is that moment where your energy is at its lowest, your legs are yelling at you, that one toe really hurts, a muscle you didn’t know you had is cramping and/or your mind is just telling you that your body is done and you really can’t take another step. Then you look up and see a hill/obstacle/milemarker and realize how far you have yet to go. How do you push past the barriers? What makes you go on when the going is toughest? Digging deep on your own… Read more

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