The Dublin Half Marathon

A little over two months ago Jo mentioned that she wanted to run a 13.1 as part of her training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Having now run a few races outsides of the states, and outside of comfort zones, I suggested we find one in another country. Low and behold, one of our favorites had a race at just the right time- Ireland. It didn’t take much convincing for either of us to go back to the Emerald Isle, we had met up in Dublin for New Years Eve and made our way around the country in the week… Read more

Gym Fun

I know, I know, “gym” and “fun” don’t often go together very seamlessly. We normally go the gym to work, not for fun. Right? Right. I mean if you are having a good time you couldn’t possibly be working out. Right? Wrong. At least my very sore muscles say so. I promise to not go on another verbiage rant here. Yes, having goals is important. Moving with purpose is important. Jen was totally right about the benefits of having a trainer because they push you and encourage you and keep you on track. Work is good. Effort is good. All I’m saying is that sometimes… Read more

Personal Trainers- Are They Worth It?

I have been working out for almost fourteen years now, since the summer before I started college. It was more than not wanting to put on the “freshman fifteen” I wanted to lose the 40 pounds I had put on over the years on my smallish frame. I started on my own essentially, with the goal of being able to run a 5k- the shortest race distance that seemed fairly common. I slowly built up my mileage on the treadmill while also doing some sets on a few weight machines. The weight lifting seemed very secondary to me as I… Read more

Not Pussyfooting Around

Fair warning: this post contains strong language and speaks of strong women. If the former offends you, you don’t have to read it. If the latter does, well, you should probably take a hard look in the mirror instead of continuing to read. It happened in the mass of people waiting to climb the first large-scale A-frame. Muddy and slightly cold already, I was looking up and adjusting the strap on my weighted ruck when I heard it. “Come on! Don’t be a pussy!” I sigh and shake my head now just thinking about it. In the moment, I whipped… Read more

Wedding Day Workouts

My closest friend from high school is getting married in a few days and I couldn’t be happier for her. Not only do I think she found herself a good life partner, but she’s been working very hard to make this special day happen. The couple really wanted a destination wedding, somewhere in the caribbean and despite various setbacks, they’re getting hitched at a resort in the Dominican Republic. What does this have to do with Workout Wednesdays? Have you ever met a bride who wasn’t trying to drop a few pounds before the big day? I didn’t think so…… Read more

Breaking Gym Boundaries

It took a number of months and numerous youtube videos but I finally dug deep into my confidence, took a big breath, popped my chin a few degrees higher and made my advance. I felt like all eyes were watching me so I tapped Britney singing “My Prerogative” a little louder in my ears and refocused on my objective. In just a few strides I was finally there. I was in the free weights section of the gym. Surprisingly, no alarms went off. No one else likely even noticed my achievement. I did my goblet squats, push presses and deadlifts without incident. As with a… Read more

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