Running Around the World

I started running 13 years ago and found that one of my favorite things about it was the fact I could easily do it alone. I’ve always liked the 30-60 minutes of guaranteed solo time 5 to 6 days a week that my training allows. I sweat through the various issues and dilemmas of the day, often coming back from a run with a different perspective, or perhaps a creative breakthrough. The idea of joining a runner’s group has never really appealed to me, running has never been about having a sense of “community”. My feelings haven’t much changed in… Read more

Start with the Ending

Today’s Workout Wednesday is pretty simple. It comes down to one question: What are you working towards? If you cannot answer this simple question, then you are pretty much sunk when it comes to your fitness. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from getting up off the couch right now and going for a nice 5mile walk. Do. But chances are you aren’t going to keep doing that unless you have a specific reason to.. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or deep into it, you need to have benchmarks and goals for your workouts or else you… Read more

When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Limoncello.

On the last week in July, I began the journey of training for my 2nd marathon. I was in Sonoma, CA with four friends enjoying a quick jaunt through wine country. That morning, I convinced two of them to bike ride along side me through the hilly terrain as I set out to do the first long run (10 miles) of my training plan. I had signed up to run the NYC Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Association. It’s a charity dear to my heart since my nonna was diagnosed with the disease over 10 years ago. The four months of… Read more

Sweat is Best Shared

A Workout Wednesday post, where we talk of all things athletic: training, races, events, challenges, goals and physical nutrition. I sweat. I don’t perspire, mist, sheen, dewdrop or whatever other delicate little euphemism was created for fine-boned ladies of yore. The least amount of effort and I drip, ooze, rivulet salty sweat out of every blessed pore. On a bike, I found, this is quite ok. If I’m using my trusty steed as a method of transit, the getting out of the saddle and into my destination is still (ahem) somewhat sticky. When I suit up (yes I’m a gal in… Read more

Strong, Stubborn or Stupid: Why I finish(ed)

It is the smallest of cracks that send us careening ofttimes. My third GoRuck Challenge, this one in Munich, was going so very well. The welcome party was welcoming to my favorite brand of fun, the weather was perfect, I was enjoying connecting with comrades new and old as well as rousing renditions of Sponge Bob Squarepants (great wrap video of the entire event). It was good livin’ at its best. Until it wasn’t. It was mid-afternoon and I was carrying the flag. We were simply doing a “shuffle” up a sidewalk. I noticed the water egress cover but stayed… Read more

To -er is Human

I pushed myself hard. 2 hours at the gym and even thowing-up in my mouth a little on a trainer bike. I was pushing because I hadn’t moved my body like that in 2 days. Pushing because I had eaten poorly for the last 3. Pushing because I felt I needed to punish myself for sins that only I see in myself. As I was blowdrying my hair — well just the bangs — and still sweating a little after sauna and shower, when a woman came up behind me and said “I want your figure.” Over the sound of… Read more

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