Working Out Works for Me

I got on a treadmill about 2 years ago and couldn’t run a full mile. I was shocked. I had a mental image of myself as a physically fit person which shattered with the panting, sweating reality. This state of being needed to change both for my body and my spirit. I was carrying a few extra vanity pounds but (thanks 5th floor walk-up) I was not overweight. I was, however, obviously not healthy or active. I started with making my sporadic Bikram practice a priority and hitting the treadmill. My only gidea was to get to running a full… Read more

“Barely” Surviving Tough Guy 2013

My eyes are locked on my gloved fingers grasping the 4 inch plank between my feet. My focus shifts past the mud on the beam to the rope cargo net and then the ground two stories below. “No, Jo, you have to stand up. We have to go across.” I look up into his eyes. His jokers cap long gone but the jovial still framing his face. “I know but…” my voice reverberates in my head with the echoes of fear and frustration which drown out the wind, “Ben, I can’t feel my feet.” We spend a beat or two… Read more

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