The Event Cause Effect

At every event it seems that you will eventually hit a wall. It is that moment where your energy is at its lowest, your legs are yelling at you, that one toe really hurts, a muscle you didn’t know you had is cramping and/or your mind is just telling you that your body is done and you really can’t take another step. Then you look up and see a hill/obstacle/milemarker and realize how far you have yet to go. How do you push past the barriers? What makes you go on when the going is toughest? Digging deep on your own… Read more

“Barely” Surviving Tough Guy 2013

My eyes are locked on my gloved fingers grasping the 4 inch plank between my feet. My focus shifts past the mud on the beam to the rope cargo net and then the ground two stories below. “No, Jo, you have to stand up. We have to go across.” I look up into his eyes. His jokers cap long gone but the jovial still framing his face. “I know but…” my voice reverberates in my head with the echoes of fear and frustration which drown out the wind, “Ben, I can’t feel my feet.” We spend a beat or two… Read more