Destinations for the Newbie Traveler

I have met several people over the last few years in the 25-30ish age range that have not traveled outside of the United States. There are various reasons for this: time and money being the ones most often cited. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since only 30% of Americans even have a passport…. I just didn’t think I would know that many of the other 70%. Having a parent who was born in Italy and an extended family who often traveled to and from the mother noodle, I grew up assuming most people spent time roaming around the world…. Read more

Carried Away in Mexico

“On a scale of 1 to beheaded, how unsafe to you feel right now?” I burst out laughing. This was day 3 of our 10Day, over the New Year, “Bad Idea” trip south of the border. We were walking back to our B&B from having an amazing meal in a converted monastery from the 1600s, and a kid on his trike just passed us on the street with a group of adults laughing in his wake. Yes, it was slightly insensitive joke. The idea that Mexico is unsafe is frankly quite laughable… if it wasn’t such a sad commentary on… Read more

Reflecting on the Moment

The end of the year is a time to reflect on the past 12 months and think about the best and worst moments. For the past few years, I have made a list of my favorite moments from that year. Even though we are only a little over halfway through this year, I’m already finding myself thinking about the great moments that have happened already and wondering what might get edged out as the year goes on. Most of my moments have something to do with a trip I’ve taken. While I fully believe all your “moments” could happen right… Read more

For Love or Money: Is Traveling for Work Worth It?

After my first long trip abroad (Filmmaking, Food and Frescoes…) I remember returning to my day job and the daily grind and thinking I wish I had a job that paid me to travel. I daydreamed about all sorts of positions where they’d have to fly me here, there and everywhere. I thought about the frequent flyer miles I would rack up and putting nice dinners on the company card. I flirted with the idea of working for the travel industry. Could I be a flight attendant? Maybe I could work on a cruise ship? Unfortunately for me, my passion… Read more

At Home in Mazatlan

Have you ever visited a place so often it starts to feel like home? I find myself heading back to countries I’ve already been to so I can start to feel like a local while still discovering new parts of the country.   Last summer, I decided I wanted to spend my 30th birthday in one of my favorite countries to visit, Mexico. I had been to Mexico for my two previous birthdays and I wanted to continue the tradition at least one more year. I have often thought about spending a month or more down there, soaking in the… Read more