Achievement: One Feminine Pullup

Yes I am a woman. Yes I can do a pullup. Strict. I can do three of them now — in a row. I can do one almost anytime I want. If this sounds like bragging then it is. It has taken 3 years of this being a “goal” before I made it a SMART goal and actually got it done. More important than my personal achievement is this… Women can do pullups. Period. But just in case that wasn’t clear: Women can do pull-ups. Women can indeed do chin ups. Females have the ability to get their chins over… Read more


“Well behaved women rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich You have that friend that always seems to be able to coax you out of your PJs on a random Tuesday and into some unplanned, epic fun. You have that gal pal that knows that sometimes a bottle of vino a long chat in sweats is just the cure for what ails ya. You have your girls, the ones who can make dinner into a laugh fest and a night out into something fabulous. Having a solid travel buddy or 2 is important, sure, but more important perhaps is having your home team of… Read more

Not Pussyfooting Around

Fair warning: this post contains strong language and speaks of strong women. If the former offends you, you don’t have to read it. If the latter does, well, you should probably take a hard look in the mirror instead of continuing to read. It happened in the mass of people waiting to climb the first large-scale A-frame. Muddy and slightly cold already, I was looking up and adjusting the strap on my weighted ruck when I heard it. “Come on! Don’t be a pussy!” I sigh and shake my head now just thinking about it. In the moment, I whipped… Read more