The Real Scale

Muscle is more dense than fat. I’m going to say that again for myself and all my ladies: Muscle is more dense than fat. What that means is that if you put on muscle and lose fat, the numbers on the scale are going to go up. And up. And up. Thank you to Sophie and this article for saying it first and saying a number of other important things like “Think of all the potential that is thrown out the window when women deprive themselves of food on their quest to be thin.” My struggle, and the struggle of… Read more

Athletic Event Travel

It might seem like a shame to think that I visited Paris and never made it into Notre Dame. I was a little too muddy at the time. I did go to Munich during Octoberfest… but it wasn’t to have a beer under one of the big tents. I was in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day weekend but left early on the 17th — before the parade and most of the festivities. I’ve made trips to Seattle, WA and Washington DC, but for similar reasons that I went to Madison, WI; Fontana Dam, NC; Wolverhampton, UK; and Murfreesboro, TN. I am… Read more